10 Benefits Of Using Explainer Videos for your Business

Whether your favorite platform is Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, one thing is sure: videos always get the best traction. There are so many benefits of getting explainer videos for your brand. Let’s use that to your advantage!

What’s an Explainer Video?

This is your elevator pitch for your products and services. Explainer videos are normally 2-5 minutes long and contain all the necessary information about you that you want to give and important that your potential customers will want to know. These videos are usually the first thing customers come across before they engage with your actual product. And based on studies, explainer videos are the leading choice in increasing your customer conversion rate.

Here’s why.

Get More Attention

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Internet trends rise and fall in the span of 24 hours. And competition grows fiercer by the day. Explainer videos are an excellent way to grab potential customers’ attention (especially with the prevalence of autoplay in nearly every social online platform). Short, snappy, and substantial is the name of the game!

Making them catchy and creative can make your target market stop scrolling and take a moment to see what the fuss is about. Get their attention with a catchy visual or pique their curiosity with something interesting in the first 10-20 seconds and watch your bounce rate decrease. Now you’ve got them hooked on your product and want to learn more!

Communicate Better Faster

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Thanks to the exponential growth of online media, a significant number of internet audiences are audiovisual learners. Providing explainer videos for your business does not only increase organic traffic to your website but also makes your product more approachable to potential customers.

Creating a visual guide like an explainer video closes the information gap between the customer and the product. Explainer videos are more effective than describing products and services with simple text. Seeing what your product does and what makes it stand out is a shorthand way to gain their trust in showing how it works and why it works.

Approachable & Affordable

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Unlike the early days of the internet and traditional marketing where producing videos meant you had a lot of money to spare, now you can make your own explainer videos to get your brand started.

Online creator tools like Canva, CapCut, and Animaker are good places to start making your videos if you’re a beginner. They have an easy learning curve, plenty of ready-made assets, and premium options in case you want to get more prolific in making your videos.

Plus, if you reach the point where you can get more services, updates, and upgrades, you don’t have to make a whole new video. Just add your assets at the end! 

Creativity Is King

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Depending on your business, you will have to research what your target market is looking for in their product of choice. Some explainer videos can be as simple as a slideshow with graphs, or it can get be a live-action video featuring a known celebrity interfacing with your product.

Audiences are more receptive to videos that have a stand-out voice and visuals. And when your video can express what you want to your audience, you’re already halfway there. Find the right background music, color schemes, and voice-over and it can make a world of difference in your explainer video. 

Strategic For Multiple Platforms

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Having an explainer video for your business opens up a lot of avenues for your brand to thrive. In 2022, Cisco estimates that up to 82% of online traffic will be in video format. Explainer videos can give your brand a leg-up in nearly every mainstream online platform, whether it’s TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Kickstarter.

Having all the assets for an explainer video makes it extremely versatile. You can modify its format to fit whatever platform you’re launching on: vertical for TikTok and Instagram Reels, horizontal for everything else. 

More Shareable Than Ever

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Since explainer videos work on any online platform, you can broaden your target audience so much easier. The average internet user spends nearly 2.5 hours on social media, most of which are websites that offer an autoplay option for videos.

Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram with a video-forward interface are specially tailored for sharing. Having your explainer video on these platforms helps your business cast a wider net in gathering potential customers. You grow in every platform you upload an explainer video.

Boosts SEO

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Putting an explainer video on your website’s landing page can bring you to the front page of Google’s search results. Include specific keywords in video titles, descriptions, subtitles, and transcripts that can increase your ranking and help your business reach more people. On top of that, including user-friendly content for hard-of-hearing individuals helps your brand stay grounded, more approachable, and likable.

Earn Customer Trust

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The steady rise of social media platforms, trends, and influencers has blurred the line between everyday people and brands. With Wendy’s fun tweets to exclusive content available at every influencer’s Patreon, interacting with customers has become a more effective marketing tool.

Good explainer videos can catch the attention of new customers as well as keep old customers engaged with the brand. They make their customers associate a positive feeling with the product or service, gain your audience’s trust in your business, and make them more likely to get and keep using your products and services.

Customer’s Problem Solver

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One of the hurdles of marketing your brand to others is the question: why? Why do they need your product specifically? The answer is simple: Show your solution to a problem they have. This is the perfect use of an explainer video — point out a problem your audience encounters that your brand can fix, and show them why you can fix it better than the rest of your competition.

Explainer videos excel at this are above all other methods of marketing because it engages customers’ thinking skills with audiovisual content, making it last longer in their memory and encouraging brand recall.

Build Your Brand Better

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Video marketing has been proven effective for business growth again and again in the past years. Businesses who integrate video content to their advantage find a 54% increase in brand awareness. While 93% of marketers were successful in landing new customers after utilizing explainer videos and other audiovisual media with their brands, 8 out of 10 customers have reported that they were convinced to purchase an app or software after watching its demo reel.

With explainer videos, you can establish your brand’s tone and personality, incorporate the brand’s color palettes and style, and establish your goal for your customers. Explainer videos also give customers a sense of agency as they educate themselves about your products, associate your brand with positive emotions, and engage with the brand’s interactive visuals. They are the ultimate and most indispensable tool in today’s business and marketing landscape.


Videos are the internet age’s favorite type of content, making it the best way to grow your business. And with the ever-growing battle for audience attention and fluctuating trends, make sure your business leaves its mark wherever it goes and makes it memorable.

Try it yourself! Let’s see what we can do for your business! Get an explainer video for your brand today.


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