2D vs. 3D Animation:

Which One is For Your Brand?

In the realm of digital marketing, video content is king. Up to 65% of people are visual learners, which is why animated videos are the perfect way to relay information and capture your audience.

The earliest forms of animation can be traced back to the Egyptian era drawings. To depict motion, ancient glyphs were drawn repetitively and a spinning wheel was used to project the illusion of movement. This same concept was used by modern illustrators to create a series of pictures, which when played speedily one after the other would create movement.

This is similar to something we all did when we were students. If you drew stick figures on the corner of each page of a textbook and later on watched them come to life when you flipped the pages one after the other, you were doing basic animation!

There are 2 kinds of basic animation: 2D and 3D. It is worth understanding the differences between each so that you can better determine which format will work best with your content needs.

2D or 2-Dimensional Animation

As the name suggests, 2D objects have two dimensions only-- height and width.

2D animation is the most efficient and cost-effective type of animation. 2D video projects can be finished quicker than 3D because it requires only basic technology which can run on any computer.

However, the results are smooth and seamless, which is why brands prefer to use 2D animation for their landing page elements and even some social media content.

2D is perfect for: logos, ads, cartoon graphics, basic instructional videos, etc.

3D or 3-Dimensional Animation

Next up is the more advanced 3D animation. With the addition of a third dimension-- depth-- to height and width, 3D can create more realistic animation with the use of more advanced computer programs. 3D is more expensive to produce because of this tech requirement.

While 2D is best for explaining simple concepts, 3D is better for explaining multi-faceted and complex concepts such as the human anatomy or molecular structures. Because of 3D’s realism, it gives the brain a preview of what cannot be easily seen.

3D is perfect for: gaming, biotech, movies, etc.

If you have a concept that you want to be rendered in animation, you can talk to us about your 2D or 3D options! Contact us at hello@obra.digital.