5 Extreme Activities To Be Excited About This Summer

Let’s have a break from work stuff for a moment and plan a summer escape because we all know, you deserve it. Summer is coming and we’re all excited to jump into some big action adventures! Everyone wants to make summer memorable and somehow different from last year’s experience. That’s why we’ve listed different extreme activities you might -or should I say “will” – consider this summer. Adrenaline Junkies this is for you, guys!!


The Plunge is a ravine swing, an own version of bungee jumping, wherein you swing downwards as opposed to plunging straight to the ground. Guess what, the tallness of the cliff is 60-meters high. I’ll recommend to simply close your eyes. Kidding! You should appreciate the view and the experience of the 60-meter high fall. The travel will allow two hours if you rent a private service, but if you travel by Danao bus and Habal-Habal, it can take up to three hours. The Plunge costs ₱ 700 and you can try it at E.A.T Danao Adventure Park, Bohol.

After we get so high from the swing of the plunge, why not try another adrenaline rush activity in the rough water, check this Whitewater Rafting and Cliff Jumping experience.


Whitewater Rafting involves riding on a raft while paddling across river rapids. The sport has already been around for years, but travelers have recently rediscovered this extreme activity. There’s a lot of packages basic activity costs  ₱ 1,800 and you can try it at Great White Water Tours in Cagayan de Oro.


Cliff Jumping doesn’t require any equipment to use, nor special water sports clothing to wear. It will be just your body, sailing through the air from dizzying heights and plunging into the body of water down below. The Cliff Diving costs 6,000/ person (Full Day; 3 jump locations) and 3,000/ person (Half Day; 1 jump location) This package is minimum of 2 people. They include other fees like environmental fee and for vehicles. You can try it at El Nido, Palawan.

After trying extreme water activities, let’s fly and dry ourselves up into the sky. Sounds fun? Well, you will just about to experience how to be a pilot for a day. Try this Ultralight Plane Flying and Tandem Paragliding.


Ultralight Plane Flying is a must try the activity, your dream of becoming a pilot will come true. It’ll change your worldview after you do it. You can try it at Angeles City Flying Club, Pampanga. Going there, you can ride a bus going to Dau, Angeles and from the bus terminal in Dau, ride a jeepney going to Concepcion, when you see a small intersection ask one of the tricycle drivers to take you to the Angeles City Flying Club. The Ultralight Plane Flying costs share for 30 minutes starts at P2990 solo or P3271.50 with an instructor. The time counted is engine running time.

Lastly, a superhero experience that we should try!


Tandem flights are similar to skydiving. Each dive will include two persons- the passenger is seated in front, while the pilot is at the back of the passenger guiding him while on air. The pilot can allow the passenger to take control of the parachute for a greater experience with guidance. To experience paragliding, you can take the JAC / JAM Liner from Buendia to Carmona and from there, you can ride a tricycle or jeep to Carmona Tandem Paragliding. To reach the fly site, you can use your navigation application. Tandem Paragliding costs around Php. 2500 – 3000/person depending on the day and number of passengers. You can try it at Carmona Tandem Paragliding, Cavite.

These activities will make this year’s summer fun and thrilling! Whatever action you choose from these 5 fun activities, new experience will always be the best way of making your summer extreme and exciting. Go pack your things and make new experiences this summer!


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