6 Brand Awareness Activities That Can Humanize Your Brand

Brand awareness is one of the vital parts of promoting your brand. This is to differentiate products and services from its competitors. Activities include branding, web presence such as blogging, storytelling, explainer videos, infographics, and of course, we shouldn’t forget the power of social media to our customers.

All of these activities are vital parts of your brand awareness, but how these activities can be more valuable to your consumers? Continue reading to learn the key and techniques on each practice and how to create a long-term position in the marketplace.

Branding. More than the brilliant looks of your logo and catchy slogan, the story behind its creation is very important. Your branding speak of who you are and more than just a business. This is the part where you tell them that your goal is to make their lives easier because you care. Understand the problem of your market and be the hero to them.

Web presence through valuable content. Create content that can be informative to your audience. People are most likely to visit a website that has a content that is shareable, informative and relatable to them.

Storytelling. Believe it or not, your brand has a story to tell. A good storytelling with a slice of life can also create a brand-to-consumer relationship in long-term.  Your audience will most likely to trust you because they can relate to your story. 

Animated Explainer Videos and Info-graphics. Visuals can help your audience understand technicalities of your business. These tools are your friends that can introduce you well to your audience and even new leads. Remember what I’ve mentioned in number 2? They can also share these with their friends, family, and co-workers, especially when they are informative and relatable to them.

Live Action. Videos of your brand with scenes that can be seen in real life portray the realness of your business.  Out there are thousands of concept and theme of stories to choose from. To have a good live action video, going back to what’s really happening is the best shortcut to get ideas. 

Social media analytics and activities. According to Sprout Social, 79% of social media users have shared a life milestone on social media. Creating content and being active on your business’ social media page can help increase brand awareness and maintains a relationship with your audience and consumers.

These 6 activities for brand awareness are indeed easy to perform, but if you need an effective, diverse and creative one, it takes time, experience, and a good team to execute it.

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