A Game-Changing Blog Header

Having a blog in your business page is one thing to make your products and services stand out. But, it does not stop there. More than a having a comprehensive run through of information about your business, or having the most aesthetic photos, a good blog header changes the game.

Adding an appealing blog header is not just another design for your content; it stops the  readers from leaving your page.

Blog headers represent your brand identity; giving your client the reason to stick around.  One look at your header and they should know what you have in store for them. One look at your header gives the audience an idea of what to expect from your article. Aside from the title of your article, it’s the blog header that your audience would first see. Should they continue reading your article? Your header can make or break their next step.

Take Note: A  blog header should answer these three questions:

What’s this blog all about?

Convey the content of your article through a catchy visual. You know what people say, a picture paints a thousand words. So does your blog header, it should give your audience an idea of what they can find from your article.

Who wrote this article?

Duh! Of course it’s you— your amazing brand. You can put your logo up there. Consequently, your topic and blog header should convey what product or services your business offers, or in what industry your brand revolves.  Make the impression that you are the best in your line of work, and of course, you are, right?

How this brand and their article can help me?

One reason of writing an article is to send out information, tips, suggestions, and ideas on how to do things the right way. Blog headers can visually express how an article can help them solve a problem. Include some elements on your blog header that is relevant to the article. That way, your audience would know what is inside your article.

A blog header should give your company a voice; to tell your readers to give a minute or two to read your article. After all, all you want is that you readers will learn something about your business. Again, a good blog header changes the game.

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