Animate it with Obra Explainer Videos!

You imagine. We animate.
Your next big idea starts here!

Explaining has never looked this good! Visually enticing, on-point, on-brand and goal-oriented, our mission is to weave stories through Explainer Video Animation. Let your idea transcend, resonate and capture. Hit play now!

What is an
Animated Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos is your next big weapon in your branding arsenal

It’s a short video which usually narrates and explains your company’s products, services and campaigns. Think of it as your business spokesperson but more appealing, clickable and shareable!

Why invest in Explainer Videos?

It’s Engaging
More often than not, it’s not about WHAT your brand says- it’s about HOW you say it. In a world of short attention spans, animated explainer videos bridge the gaps among consumers by engaging them with visually compelling content.
Increases Conversion Rates
Our animated explainer videos are designed to explain concepts with more of what your ideal customer wants. Through engaging explainer videos, your target audience can make informed decisions simply by watching a short but compelling video.
Improves SEO ranking
With the cutthroat arena of different brands vying for customer’s attention, a good SEO ranking increases the odds of your brand to pop up in the search results. Through SEO-optimized animated explainer videos, your brand can and will reach the top spots!
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You got a TEAM with us!​

You don't have to spend costs in building a creative studio, hiring animators, scriptwriters and producers to craft a good explainer video. With Obra Digital’s Animated Explainer Video Service, you’ll have the following perks:

  • A dedicated Account Manager for tracking your expenses and providing insights
  • A Scriptwriter ready to turn your ideas into a set of sequence and scenes.
  • A team of seasoned Animators ready to make your ideas come to life!

We are storytellers ready to launch your brand’s next big idea!

As a creative studio, we provide visually-appealing, highly branded and customer- engaging videos tailored to your brand’s mission and core legacy. With our dedicated skilled team of creatives working together, we make sure we put our “Obra” magic in every project

Our Animation in Motion

Step 1: Creative Brief
We are passionate about telling stories but the greatest story comes from you! Our account managers and expert project coordinators work with you in creating a creative brief? Is there a storyline? A Voice-over or perhaps a new idea you’ll want to animate?
Step 2: Meet your Studio Team
You’ll have a team of creative storytellers backing you up from day one. Our creative writers, animators and motion designers gather to brainstorm the best course of action for your animated video.
Step 3: Scriptwriting/ StoryBoard development
Now that you have a clear vision of what you want, our creative writer will produce a script outlining your big ideas. Then, our animators will craft a pencil storyboard of your concept video
Step 4: Initial Storyboarding
We are with you in the full process of creating your animated video. We’ll consult with you for necessary comments and feedback before working on it on screen.
Step 5: Video Production Stage
Now that we are all set, our animators will put your ideas into real visuals, translate your ideas from script to screen. Music, voice-over and effects will also be crafted for your concept video.
Step 6: Let the Video Play
Finally, your animated video is now ready for the world!
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