Get your Brand on the Map!

Stand out with Obra Digital’s Branding Service

With myriads of brands popping up everywhere, standing out from a sea of competitors can be overwhelming, if not taunting. This is where Obra Digital’s branding service comes into play. With a good brand identity and brand strategy, your brand can dominate the business scene.

Branding is Beyond!

Branding is more than just visuals and optics.

More than fancy logos and typography, it goes beyond aesthetics. Your brand is how your customers perceive you- all this continuous process of setting your identity, tone and even your goals is what a brand truly encompasses.

Why invest in branding?

How Obra Digital is changing the Branding game

Obra Digital is a Filipino-powered Branding agency aiming to help brands reach their maximum potential by creating powerful brand identity through smart, creative and out-of-the box branding solutions! Your brand is our Obra!

Builds trust

Gaining trust among your target consumers is a tough game to play. With a solid brand voice, a clear definition and a comprehensive strategy, you can easily win your audience’s trust, hence putting your brand in the limelight.

Generates new customers

Whatever your business is, a strong branding ensures a strong propagation of your brand through the business chain leading to new leads and new customers. More customers is a sign of a positive impression amongst the target audience.

Increases business value

A good brand identity coupled with smart marketing strategies can add more value to your brand. With an established brand identity, you don’t just aim for your target audience but will also attract the attention of investors and other brands. A solid brand translates into value.

Our Branding Process

Step 1: Kickoff Meeting
Great branding comes from an in-depth understanding of your business. Our Account Manager is ready to listen and discuss with you about the basics, the essentials and the hallmarks of your brand.
Step 2: Meet your Branding Team
Once onboarded, you’ll meet with our Branding Team consisting of a copywriter, a graphic designer/illustrator and a designated account manager. This team will consult with you in every step of the way, ensuring we’ll bring out the best for your brand.
Step 3: Brand Bible Creation
With all your inputs in mind, our creative designers and branding experts will craft your own brand bible- a collection of moodboards, logo mockups, brand voice and other branding collaterals.
Step 4: Initial Presentation
Once our team have worked together with our touch of Obra “magic”, our account manager will set up a meeting with you to present your branding assets.
Step 5: Revision and Final Touches
After all comments and feedback are applied, we’ll present your final branding assets. Your brand is now ready to conquer the market! Hail to the new brand!
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We are branding experts ready to create your brand’s big mark!

As a creative studio, we provide visually-appealing, on-point and comprehensive brand identity tailored to your brand’s mission and core legacy. With our dedicated skilled team of creatives working together, we make sure we put our “Obra” magic in every project.