Buy 1 Take 1: Who’s The Real Burger Ng Bayan

We all went through having no enough money to buy ourselves a single burger from our favorite restaurants or fast food chains. Since life is all about surviving, local burger brands give us the reason not to quit. We all owe it to the Buy-1-Take-1-Burger stand we usually spot along the way.

Forget about the chubby-cheek bee who dance and twerk better than you. Forget about the clown who frequently shows at parties, not even the King who calls himself a burger. I am talking about Angel’s Burger and Minute Burger who’s grilling each other about who really is the true Burger ng Bayan.

Since I am the writer for this topic, I will be the one to taste and judge who really deserves the title. (*evil laugh) Gladly, Angel’s Burger and Minute Burger, are just along the street and they are open 24/7. Sometimes, these two are savage as they put up their stand right near next to each other.

Minute Burger and Angels Burger stand located at Buhay na Tubig street, Aguinaldo Imus Bacoor Cavite.

So, here we go. I bought one order of regular burgers from Angel’s Burger and another one from Minute Burger.

Let the eating begin!

Minute Burger P28.00
Angel’s Burger P22.00

What we can notice here is the material they use. It clearly shows here that Minute Burger is following the No-To-Plastic-Bag campaign.  One point to you, Minute Burger!

Minute Burger uses white sandwich plastic, while Angel’s Burger provides their own branded plastic. My vote goes to Angel’s!

Minute Burger | Angel’s Burger

I know it looks like I accidentally sat on this burger, but nope I didn’t. I did my best not to squish the bags while on my way home. So, please don’t judge my fat as*

Here’s a top view of each burger before we judge the real deal here: THE PATTIES!

Minute Burger has a bigger patty, while Angels Burger has space to fill in.  We can also see the big difference between their dressing. Whereas, Minute Burger has the combination of mayo and ketchup, while Angel Burger only has the ketchup as the dressing itself.

The picture below shows the thickness of the burger patties and their buns.  The taste, if you may ask me? I love Minute Burger than Angel’s Burger. Simply because I like how they combined mayo and ketchup for dressing, plus the patty gives justice to what you paid.  It’s just the way they assembled the buns, making it look like they were compressed.

Angel’s Burger tastes good as well. I like the beefy taste, but it’s like the patty is too small for the bun.

Minute Burger and Angel’s Burgers brought their name on the top. Their presyong abot kaya and lasang pang masa satisfy our cravings. These burgers have also been part of many Pinoy celebrations, bondings, and more.

I must say we can’t judge here who’s the real burger ng Bayan because it really depends on your taste. These brands want to be part of our daily cravings and serve more Filipino customers with their local recipes.

My job here is done. Now, let me enjoy my four (4) burgers here, oh, and of course with an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

Stay tuned for our next katakawan blogs, because food is life!

*flips the table , grabbing burgers…


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