Common Digital Marketing Problems and Possible Solutions

Either you’re a digital marketer or a startup business, digital marketing has been one of the biggest challenges you face every day especially when on social media, everything happens fast: trends are spontaneously changing, new content comes in, leaving you with minimal time to do your thing.

Let’s have a closer look at the common digital marketing problems and possible solutions we can do to bounce back from each:

Measuring the ROI

Getting track of the ROI (return of investment) has remained as the top marketing challenge for marketers every year.

What you should do: Try to establish links between marketing activities and sales results. Identify how many leads and customers are generated through your marketing activities. Luckily, there are marketing software and CRM (customer relationship management) solutions available which you can try for measuring these data.

Furthermore, measuring ROI can also help you determine things that need improvement, or gives a reason for you to add more budget to a specific campaign as it plays a valuable role in your business. As Lindsay Kolowich from HubSpot says, “No ROI tracking, no demonstrable ROI. No ROI, no budget.”

Small budget

Not every business has a prepared budget for their digital marketing efforts; some are not familiar with how much it could cost them, and others don’t just prioritize digital marketing. The budget also plays a big role in your ROI, as it identifies the capability and performance of your business.

What you should do: After analyzing your ROI, come up with a strategy that you think is effective and possible for your budget. Segment your audience and use your budget wisely. Facebook allows you to target a specific market with a minimal fee, giving you complete data and results you can use in the long term.  Remember, effective strategies produce results.

Clicks with a poor conversion rate

One visible problem in digital marketing is getting thousands of clicks but zero sales conversion. There are many reasons why this happens: users are interested in your business but not interested in buying, or maybe the user is not in a position to make a purchase. Consequently, your design, content, or platform is not right.

What you should do: First, you have to have a market profile.  By doing this, you can now identify the important details such as: who is my target audience, what’s the solution I can offer, when is the best time to post, and what kind of content I should use. Through your data-driven market profile, you will get answers that can instantly make more leads for your business.

Competitive SEO ranking

Everyone wants to be on top of Google search these days. Businesses put a lot of SEO-friendly content up on their social media pages and websites: tag their products and services on each hashtag ranking online to be on top of the game.

What you should do: Try exploring new things and veer away from common strategies everyone is already doing. Rank on different place using a different strategy. It can also help that you give focus on customer experience than shouting how awesome your product or service is.

Wrong social media moves

It’s actually a trial and error: you should experiment so you can come up with something interesting and effective for your business, especially on social media where everything must be fresh and relevant.

What you should do: Know the right frequency of your posts; one posting per week can erase you from your customer’s mind. Share content that can be valuable to your customers; do not bombard your audience with boring product posts. Of course, humanize your social media page by continuously communicating with them. Build a strong relationship, and connect to more happy customers.

Stated problems in this article are just a few of many digital problems you may encounter along the way.  But the best part of knowing these common digital marketing problems is that you are now equipped from stumbling from digital humps.

Send us a message and share your digital hurdles, and lets us try to make a solution out of it.


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