Digital marketing strategy for small businesses in 2022

More Than Visual Noise - Digital Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses in 2022

No ideas are too big in the world of digital marketing– and don’t be afraid to start small.

Business owners, from online start-ups to companies with big chains or groups, had their fair share of ups and downs during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In these trying times, when social distancing was mandated, reaching out to customers seemed out of their hands until social media and digital marketing did the work for them.

However, not every business owner has the knowledge of using online resources as their main platform. We are already past the traditional way of giving out flyers, using mascots, and other good old marketing gimmicks. 

Don’t get me wrong, these are still effective for some businesses, but remember that we are still in the middle of a global crisis. The only numbers that we want to get high are our customer conversions and sales. 

We all know how crucial the marketing aspect is when it comes to building a successful brand and nowadays, surviving a competitive market is a must to stand out.

What will you learn in this Article?

  • Choosing efficient and effective digital marketing strategies that will suit your business best;
  • To keep you at par with the latest transitions that have been happening in the digital marketplace amidst the pandemic.

If you’re reading this as a newbie that’s just about to take the leap or an owner who is now ready for the big transition, this article will give you some insights and step-by-step guides to get you started: And yes, it’s never too late.

Branding: The art of storytelling

Introduce what your business is all about, how, and why you started it. This will help you to connect and engage with your audience for the longest run, making them a part of your mission.

 There’s a lot of meaning behind the word “branding.” 

It’s more than just style and personality – it is about reputation and identity. 

Consumers nowadays look for meaning with their purchases that incorporate their personalities and values, apart from meeting their needs.

The goal of storytelling for your brand isn’t really to sell your products – that will just come after. Once you have established what your brand is all about, consumers will eventually anticipate what is next to come. And from there, your story will now progress along with the growth of your business.

Be creative with your goal – how you want your story to be seen and heard. May it be through photos, paragraphs, or in graphic motions… convey the message that you want your audiences to feel and relate to.

Social Media and Content Marketing: Your go-to partners!

The first step is to identify – who and what your brand will be, that is why it is important to get it right, to begin with.

The second is to be consistent with what your brand truly represents and be inclusive at the same time. The only change that is accepted is an improvement!

Last and not least – branding isn’t branding without the business LOGO. This will be your brand’s face and visual representation, and conceptualization is a must. Make it a memorable one that, even from afar, people can already tell. 

Create content for your social media postings and BE RELEVANT.

Social media is pervasive. There are a lot of communities in the online zone, and I hope that you meet the good ones. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter are the most sought-after channels. With millions of users, you have to be bright on how your brand will make it through the feeds of your targeted audience. Think before you post.

Being social-media-savvy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow every trend that happens online. Trends do come and go after all. A little creativity and uniqueness go a long way.

Start a campaign that your brand represents. “Just Do It.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? A slogan that’s only composed of three words, but kept the brand running and strong for over four decades until the present. Nike’s mantra “Just Do It,” tells every individual to win no matter what it takes. It’s a timeless saying, ever relevant.

Take note:

Be proactive and create an editorial timeline for your social content. Stick to the schedule and know your content strategies when using different channels. If your medium for instance is Instagram, it should be aesthetically pleasing. If it is through a podcast, it should be engaging. CURATE YOUR CONTENT. Social media is where the interactions and engagements happen between the brand and its prospects.

Get listed on Google My Business Profile and invest in Google Ads

Google is the world’s most visited website, holding more than 92% of the search engine market share.
If you own a store that is thriving to get accustomed to the “new normal”, Google My Business Profile will help you. On this listing, your business information such as an address, contact number, store hours, reviews, photos, etc… may be found on Google Search and Google Maps. Oh, a fun fact – all of these are free of charge.
Google Ads is feasible for both online and physical stores. This is a paid advertising platform and think of it as an investment and a wise decision for your business. Know your keywords – it will make your business top the search results when done strategically. People tend to Google everything.

Here’s an easy guide from no other than Google itself:

On Google My Business Profile:

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google Maps.
  2. You can add your business in 3 ways: Enter your address in the search bar. On the left, in the Business Profile, click Add your business.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish signing up for your Business Profile.

Pro-tip: You may use Google Keyword Planner, a free keyword tool that will help you know the audience of your brand or business. Be smart and objective in using this.

On Google Ads:

  1. Select your advertising objective and choose a goal
    Knowing your goal will help you strategize a suitable campaign type that will reach your target audience.
  2. Select a campaign type
    campaign type determines the places online where customers will find your ads.

Email Marketing - Reach out through Email

This strategy aims for a more personal approach and connection between the brand and the consumers. The first step is to generate leads – create an embedded sign-up form and feature it in your website, blogs, and social media. Be mindful not to interrupt the experience of your visitors.

Remember that quality is a lot better than quantity, and you don’t want your content to end up as a spam message. Do not bombard the inbox of your subscribers. Do send content such as welcome emails, newsletters, special offers, and discounts, and call-to-actions are proven effective.

Apparently, email marketing fills in the gap of some social media channels. This allows you to keep in the loop the ones that are really interested in your brand, to begin with. It is one of the indicators that will help you determine how well your brand is doing so far through your patrons.

The Dos and Don'ts of Email Marketing:

  1. Think of an eye-catching subject line.
    This is the momentum of a successful campaign – or not. Don’t be misleading and use old tricky phrases that will make your target readers block you. 
    Again, you are aiming for a more personal engagement on this platform.
  2. Collect reliable data and do follow-ups.

    This will help you determine information such as data, analytics, and demographics for your next campaigns and future mailings.

E-Commerce - How your brand will make it in the carts

There has been a great shift in the behavior of consumers in general. People are wary to leave the comfort of their homes, let alone wander outside just for their purchases. The once lively and eye-candy stores in shopping malls are slowly closing one by one. 

With so much loss, there’s no other way but to do the challenging part – transition.

Even before the pandemic happened – which none of us had seen coming, by the way, online shopping on e-commerce platforms was already skyrocketing. There has been a drastic change in the market conditions, with which business owners must be on par. 

According to the latest data of the GoDaddy 2020 Entrepreneurship Survey, about 60% of small business Filipino owners now rely on digital platforms to keep their ventures afloat and thriving. And in just no time, the numbers will go up even higher.

Becoming a merchant online isn’t an easy-peasy one, it requires a business owner to be flexible and should know how to multitask. Some business owners in e-commerce platforms are just a one-man team. 

From promoting deals, answering customer-related concerns, logistics, having good reviews and tracking sales – a lot of “trial and error” stages will occur, but these situations will help you find what works the best for your business and customers.

How to master E-Commerce: Sweat even in the smallest details

  • Put a lot of effort into the packaging
    The “unboxing hype” is real.Build up the excitement of the consumers. Adding some trinkets, freebies, or even just a thank you card will do.
  • Update customers with their orders
    Let them know about the status of their purchases, so they would know what to expect.
  • Always do ask for feedback and honest reviews
    be open for constructive criticisms, and the only way to get better is to improve. Make them know that their opinions matter (so as long as it is not a form of defamation).

Make your consumers feel the sincerity of what you do, it’s their trust that will allow your business to stand tall in the long run.

Taking it to the next level - Hiring digital marketing professionals

Digital marketing is huge and will continue to evolve. You can know the basics and executing them all at once will really tire you out. It is not a one-time big-time thing; you have to be consistent. You won’t like getting poor results from just mediocre content.

That is why professionals are there to help you. They will eventually know what strategies will work best for your business in the long run, that is why this is an investment. After all, online platforms are becoming more complex and competitive.

You can also learn while working with them at the same time. That’s one of the perks. Marketing professionals do have an improved and advanced perspective, and they will give your business solutions that are proven and tested.

How to master E-Commerce: Sweat even in the smallest details

Understand first the needs of your business and the state of your budget. From there, you would know what kind of marketing professional you should tap. The agency that you will hire should know the industry that you’re also in. Demand full transparency and accountability to the people that you’re going to work with. Seek the ones that have good credentials and credibility.

All in all, are you ready to be a game changer?

Welcome to the big leagues and for leaping. 

Transitions and adapting to our fast-paced environment may be overwhelming, but YOU KNOW YOUR BRAND WELL MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. And with that, allow yourself to learn and grow more, for the world we live in is ever-changing.

One of the big wins of going digital is less costly and more efficient. Please take advantage of how the digital zone will do its job for you. 

It’s a platform that doesn’t even sleep when half of the world does. It will take your brand to places – allowing you and your brand to get potential and target customers. 

Digital marketing is a long-term plan that should go well with a solid foundation of commitment.

The digital marketing realm is a huge playing field with no set rules. 

Everything changes. Don’t be afraid to experiment but also don’t be too risky. Remember that we all still do recover from the damage of the pandemic; to survive and thrive in the real deal. 

Go ahead, be a game-changer with digital marketing!

Let Obra Digital Help you achieve your Digital Marketing Goals this Year!


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