End to End Branding : Project Prime Life Wellness

Either you’re building an idea, a campaign, or a new brand for your business product or service, branding is one of the most important parts of a successful launch before you market it to your audience. 

Here at Obra Digital, branding is one of our specialties. Simply because it’s fun work for us, as it lets us to explore new ideas, try new things, and study new specific market⁠—basically trying out all things new. 

We’ve done a few branding for different types of businesses in the industry, and one of our pioneering and favorite is Prime Life Wellness. 

Well, they started as Prima Vida in 2017, but the language is shifting the brand to a different market, we’ve decided to revamp the branding with a new name, Prime Life Wellness.

Prime Life Wellness distributes all-natural health products and supplements in the USA and the Philippines. The brand also focuses on providing an end to end help to its customers in reaching a healthy lifestyle around the globe.

The friendly customer service is not just for taking orders and inquiries. They also serve as the customer’s partner to a healthier journey, where customers can ask questions, suggestions, and recommendations about their health.

Hence, to make a mark through branding, the tagline we’ve come up for this brand is: Wellness Within Reach.

Part of branding and logo creation for Prime Life Wellness is creating a color palette that will speak the brand’s authenticity, high quality, and being an advocate of all-natural products.

The way you present your product is also another big thing for branding— for Prime Life, we chose sustainable packaging. One of the advocacies Prime Life Wellness is promoting is by minimizing plastic usage and reduce waste.

Printed katya bags
Printed biodegradable box

If you are one of the people who are trying to keep up with health, but too busy to learn everything about health and wellness, you can always visit their social media pages and website for more healthy tips and fit-spirations.

Do you need help in branding? Or want to revamp your brand for a more fresher and relevant look? Let us know, and send us a message here: Say ‘hello’!


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