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Explainer video animation for App Feature Launch


Home Credit Philippines is a consumer finance company that provides financial solutions to Filipinos. It offers a wide range of financial products and services, including loans, credit cards, insurance, savings and investments, and more. It also provides customers with access to digital and mobile banking services.

The challenge

The objective was to create an engaging explainer video animation that would explain the new feature, Smile Rewards of the Home Credit App offers, how it can be used, where to use, and how it can benefit the user with ease, and how to sign up for them. The video should be creative, informative, and easy to understand.

Our Obra

The strategy was to create a minute and a half explainer video that would utilize 2D animation to convey the user-friendliness of the app through the art style of the characters, background, voice over, and background music with necessary information. In this way, the technicalities of the app will be translated into a more understandable and creative way.

Explainer Video for Home Credit Case Study A


The explainer video was a success. It featured vibrant animation, engaging visuals, and a clear, concise voiceover. Since the explainer video was added to their socials and YouTube channel, Home Credit has seen an increase in sign ups and users of the My Home Credit app. Sales associates and merchants of Home Credit were also able to reshare and grow their business with the video. The explainer video has also helped to establish Home Credit as a more strong brand recognition among its community and partner.


The explainer video was an effective way to promote the services and solutions offered by Home Credit, and other tech and solutions companies when it comes to informing visitors about their app and services. The explainer video helped increase engagement, users and traction, and helped to establish Home Credit as a trustworthy consumer finance company that provides financial solutions to Filipinos.

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