Obra Digital FAQs

What is Obra Digital?

Founded in 2017, Obra Digital is a creative agency based in Makati, Philippines, specializing in Brand Visual Identity, Graphic Design, and Animated Explainer videos for businesses, brands, and organizations.

Obra Digital worked with local and international MSMEs, startups, and corporations establishing their brand across various marketing platforms through design. Composed of a creative team with experience in a variety of services helping businesses and organizations promote their brand, increase engagement, and reach target audience.

What services do you offer?

We provide brand visual identity, graphic design and illustrations, and animated explainer videos.

Visual Branding Identity

Branding is more than just visuals and optics. More than fancy logos and typography, it goes beyond aesthetics. Your brand is how your customers perceive you- all this continuous process of setting your identity, tone and even your goals is what a brand truly encompasses.

  • Logo design 
  • Animated logo
  • Brand style and guidelines
  • Social media branding 
  • Custom merchandise
  • Digital and traditional marketing collaterals 
  • Event branding 
  • Company profile deck 

Animated Explainer Videos
Explainer Videos is your next big weapon in your branding arsenal- it’s a short video which usually narrates and explains your company’s products, services and campaigns. Think of it as your business spokesperson but more appealing, clickable and shareable!

  • 2D animation 
  • 3D animation
  • Mixed media explainer videos 
  • Motion graphics explainer videos 
  • Whiteboard animation explainer videos
  • Kinetic typography explainer videos

How do we start a project?

Here’s how we will be gathering project details from your end, so our team will be able to come up with a proposal that fits your requirement:

  1. Meeting and project briefing
    • Business introduction
    • Objectives and goals of the project
    • Identify timeline and requirements
    • Pegs and inspirations
  2. Creative Assessment 
    • Creatives team project assessment 
    • Market research and benchmarking 
    • Planning and timeline plotting 
  3. Creative Assessment 
    • Presentation of proposal/ letter of intent (LOI)
    • Clients comments/ approval 
    • Signed proposal

How much are your rates for Animated Explainer Videos ?

It starts at $1, 400 to $5,000 for a 1-minute Motion Graphics Animated Explainer Video. Rates depend on how long the video you will need and the type of animated video will be. You can send us your requirements for your explainer video and we will create a quotation for you.

For our logo design, it starts at 500 USD to 1, 250 USD. We also offer Branding Packages that would best fit your business. You may request for a quotation for exact inclusions and rate.

What does each service include?

Animated Explainer Videos Inclusions:

  • Two (2) concept options
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Voiceover (If applicable) 
  • One (1) royalty-free background music (BGM)
  • Pencil and digital storyboard
  • Animation proper 
  • Two (2) rounds of collated revision per phase

Visual Brand Identity:

  • One (1) Logo (icon, wordmark, horizontal and vertical)
  • One (1) Color palette 
  • One (1) Typography: Header and Body
  • One (1) Branding guidelines in PDF 
  • One (1) Business card design (print cost not yet included)
  • One (1) Letterhead design
  • One (1) Email signature design
  • One (1) Social media kit (Profile Picture, and Cover photo) with Canva editable template 
  • Up to Three (3) Social Media Templates
  • Two (2) concept options
  • Mockup of printable designs
  • Editing tutorial video 
  • Ready-to-print files 
  • Two (2) rounds of collated revision

What are your modes of payment?

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash 

How much should I deposit before we can start on my project?

We divide payments into two parts:

  • 50% onboarding fee before starting the project
  • 50% before project turnover of the approved output


If the project is a package or could take more than three (3) months to complete, we also offer flexible payment options. You can let us know which terms you are more comfortable in paying for your project with us. 

I need someone to consult my business ideas with. Do you provide a free assessment?

Absolutely! You may book a meeting with us here anytime. No strings attached, promise. https://obra.digital/#bookAMeeting

Do you also print your designs?

Yes! We are partnered with some of the amazing print suppliers in the industry. You can absolutely request a printing service from us, too!

How long do you execute a specific service?

  • For a one (1) minute Motion Graphics Animated Explainer Video, it usually takes 20-25 working days. 
  • For a basic Visual Brand Identity,  it usually takes 13-15 working days

What are the milestones for each project?

Full Brand Visual Identity
For a brand visual project or any graphic design, it usually takes 13-15 working days to complete. The milestones are: 

  • Project onboarding
  • Conceptualization 
  • Moodboard
  • Copywriting
  • Asset creation and illustration
  • Brand guidelines
  • Quality assurance 
  • Project approval and turnover


For a 1-minute basic animated video, it usually takes 20-25 working days to complete. The milestones are: 

  • Project onboarding 
  • Conceptualization 
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Character design and development
  • Voiceover recording
  • Pencil storyboard
  • Asset creation and digital storyboard
  • Animation proper
  • Post-production
  • Quality assurance 
  • Project approval and turnover


Each phase will require your approval to make sure everything is according to the concept. The number of days for revisions, client revert, and holidays are not yet included in the timeline. We will provide you with an accurate timeline for your projects during the onboarding of accounts.

Note on the FAQs: These are all ballpark inclusions and rates, a complete list of inclusion and rate can be provided after an initial meeting with our Account Officer. You may schedule a free consultation HERE.