Getting an Explainer Video for Business: Things to Consider

Brand awareness? New campaign? Introducing new solution for your business? Get something that can creatively, yet effectively story tell your complex idea to your potential customers⁠— explainer video.

Considering the 12 to 8-second attention span of 3.499 billion users on social media, alongside the 81% of small and medium businesses you’re clashing with, how will you make your brand notable?

Easy—like I said, explainer video.

Explainer video can easily catch attention, story tell, inform, and entertain your potential customers. Here are the things you must consider first before putting your brand on a spotlight:


The first thing to consider, well practically from every purchase decision you’re going to make is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on an explainer video? You can ask your digital creative team or consultant if how much would be your ROI if you’ll get a less than a minute explainer video to introduce your products.

Strong Brand Identity.

Parallel for an effective explainer video is perfectly tailored to your brand. You need to have a strong brand identity first. That is why your digital creative team will start to play around when it comes to design and animation.

Target Audience.

So, in order to effectively deliver the message, consider your target audience: how they speak,  what language they use, and what is their interest?


By figuring out numbers one, two, and three, you have now a better vision of how will the explainer video will go. Now, how much information you want to give your audience? What you can do is get the perfect writer for your brand that can give it good storytelling.

Right social media platform.

Last but not least, choose the right social media platform. Facebook and Instagram play differently, therefore choosing a social media for your explainer video can either make or break the success of your campaign.

Business is everywhere. If you want to dive into this industry, one thing that makes you stand out is identifying your niche. And to let your consumers know it, your need to use an effective tool to communicate with them.

Consider their behavior, demographics, and their interest. Familiarizing yourself with these aspects can help you conceptualize the best explainer video for your brand awareness or campaign.

Want to see something similar to what you need? Here’s our recent explainer and animation for our clients:

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Don’t  know where and how to start yet? Don’t worry, let our writers draft a script for you.  Send a message here!


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