How do you explain to someone what ‘Blockchain’ is?

As a business that involves data, safe payments, and background checks, how do you explain it to your users? How do you guarantee that your app is safe? The answer: Explainer video.

Let people understand your business within less than a minute. Let them know that your new app is the perfect solution through a compelling explainer video.

More than just Bitcoin, block-chain is changing the game of SMEs around the globe. And you are probably reading this because your business revolves around it as it streamlines your operation. With its complexity, how do you present your business to the world?

Imagine this, if there are 78% of the (entire) world’s population watches at least one video a week and that is your explainer video, your sales might hit the roof as early as in the first month of your campaign.

How does an explainer video help your blockchain business? 

An explainer video can:

1. Translates complicated industry-related jargon into layman’s term

Blocks of data, decentralization, immutability – these are a sample of words you are familiar with which your users cannot even understand what it means and how it is related to them.

Simply because block-chain and cryptocurrencies are far more complex than buying over a physical store. Through an explainer video, you can seamlessly educate your consumers with every piece of information they need to know without giving them a headache.

2. Simplifies the concept of block-chain and cryptocurrencies 

Another way of how an explainer video can make things easier for you and your customers is to make everything visually appealing and effective. With the right colors, shapes, and sizes you can visually show them how you safely transfer their data to a safe system, allowing them to make payments safe and secured 24/7. More smooth transactions, more sales. 

3. Eye-catching visual content to reach wider market 

Getting new leads is also another job of an explainer video. Your design and animation team must know color psychology, as it creates new attention from your target market. Right from the get-go, the first seconds of your explainer video can effectively explain  to them what your app or business is all about. 

To sum it up, the competition within the business industry is just as complicated as the technology behind it. Consider explainer video and block-chain elaboration will never be as complicated as it should be.

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