How Explainer Videos Make Customers Understand Your Business

Explainer videos have become the go-to tool for most startups today.

To boost your website and to be on top of Google’s algorithm search rankings, you have to make sure that you’re doing what everyone’s looking for. Customers wanna watch, hear and feel what your brand is all about. Animation explainer videos are the go-to marketing tool for startups. Certainly, digital media can put up all the content for you, but few are just being perceived.

Here’s why:

  1. Can easily catch attention – There’s been a recent study that the average attention span is down to eight seconds. Consequently, even when someone’s just scanning, with a great video content you can catch more click rates.
  2. Showcase your personality – You have to make sure that even before selling to your customers, you have to let them know first what kind of company you are and  most importantly, how you can help them with all your products or service.
  3. Explain your business idea in just a matter of seconds – While content is important, being wordy on explainer videos can bore your customers. They want it right now; so burst it out as soon as they play your 30-seconds explainer video. It doesn’t have to be a book.
  4. Rank better in Google search –Explainer videos have become an important feature of a content that has to do with SEO, conversion rates, and brand recognition; therefore, providing at least one well designed and well written explainer video can help you rank up.
  5. Increase Web Traffic – Good quality of animation video can catch your audience’s attention in one glance. As a result, you’ll get more reach through an explainer video.
  6. Emotion stays on the viewers – You can certainly create a relationship with your customers. Explainer videos contains emotion, value, and stories earns trust from your customers.

Here’s where you can  use your explainer videos:

  • Home Page
  • Sales Pitch
  • Blog
  • Social Media

Furthermore, a study from Spot Marketing says that a website with a video ranks higher in Google. Don’t you want your website to be on top of the results?

Also, take note that aligning your branding with a right tone is crucial when it comes to creating an explainer video; choose someone who just not offer cheaper service charge, but also helps you have more integration alongside your business goals.

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