Let’s #RiseUpTogether: Metro Manila Pride March

It’s time to rise up, as high as the waves you’ve ruled last summer because Pride Month has arrived! June is definitely the most colorful month of the year with rainbow emojis we keep seeing on social media and with the upcoming Metro Manila Pride March. On June 30, Saturday, LGBTQIA+people are all welcome to convene and rise together at the Marikina Sports Center for another celebration of solidarity and empowerment.

As the longest-running Pride March in Southeast Asia, the Metro Manila Pride March, currently on its 24th year, continues rising up, promoting sexual diversity, and creating meaningful change for the LGBTQIA+community as the fight against homophobia also continues.

Thus, if last year’s #HereTogether was all about coming out for love and understanding, this year’s theme #RiseUpTogether is a call for awareness of the inequality and discrimination that LGBTQIA+ people have to face every single day.

Like the rest of the Pride Marches across the world, it is held to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that broke out in Greenwich Village, New York City, in summer 1969, after police officers raided one of the city’s most popular gay clubs.

The color of love is never monochromatic. Be proud and tell the world who you really are by posting a picture of you wearing something with a rainbow on it. You can put a rainbow eyeshadow, a rainbow shirt, or a rainbow wristband. It’s up to you but don’t forget to always include the hashtag #RiseUpTogether.

For more information on pride march and how to donate, visit the Metro Manila Pride website. For details on the Pride March itself, including how to register, visit thevent’s Facebook page.


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