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Obra Digital is an up and coming digital media agency in the Philippines composed of highly creative storytellers who make bright ideas come alive thru cutting edge execution of animation, branding, web design and digital marketing. Services are based on data, technology, creativity and strategy for startup and striving businesses.

When you say business these days, it’s always accompanied by a new approach: Branding, Digital Media, Website Design, Social Media, and Animation just to name a few. Whether your startup business is in line with merchandise, service, manufacturing, or even hybrid business, adding a few of these approaches can make a big impact on your sales.

Getting into the world of business is not easy as selling something over the table these days, because of a large number of competitors over the niche. But since it’s a big opportunity to try with, many people are still willing to put their investments in the right place, right audience, right timing, and right approach.

Here is what Obra Digital offers:

  1. Branding guidelines: Keep your brand’s identity and personality through polished guidelines provided.
  2. Sales collateral: Providing buyers with value-adding content that increases the likelihood of closing a deal.
  3. Packaging design: Creative and original packaging designs based on your brand’s identity which also defines your product or service.
  4. Web design: Provide and integrates your business web tools for your website, which is easy to use for your audience.
  5. E-commerce: Updated, easy to use and creative technology approaches that can help you communicate and transact smoothly with your customers.
  6. 2D animated explainer videos: Cost-effective explainer videos that translate key points of your product/service.
  7. 3D animation/design: High-quality animation to present your brand’s highlight.
  8. Live action: Engaging and easy to understand that helps increase conversion rates.

For startup businesses, Obra Digital also believes that success has the formula to follow. By integrating business needs from start to boosting, they also offer cost-efficient services in a package to lighten the load for future clients.

Get a free quote and get in touch with Obra Digital for update digital trends that can boost not just your sales but also help your business have a continuous growth over time.

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