Obra Digital: Say Hello To Our Clients

Keeping up in today’s competitive industry of business and creativity becomes tougher every single day. Know what makes Obra Digital team alive and kicking? Keep reading.

Making ideas come alive…

Clients are the propellers that keep us going. We always aim to turn projects into a collaboration. Above all, one of our advocacies is to empower startups through digital media and be part of their growth. Hence, we call it a win-win game in this competitive business world.

Say hello to our clients…

The spotlight is not on our clients, because it’s on the brand. Each brand is creative, unique, and has advocacies to share. So, let us start with client number one:

It’s an honor that we got to work with one of the most esteemed universities here in the Philippines. It was an extraordinary experience to visit the university; not to mention the beautiful-aged buildings and patios, with students around. As a result of our visit, we were able to easily understand what they want.

We’re not just talking about one San Beda here; we collaborated with its two universities: San Beda Manila and San Beda Rizal.

Our team revamped San Beda Rizal‘s website, with a few add-ons. We have updated their content and added new sections, including the 360 campus tour. Along with improving their website, we also fixed some bugs; making it more useful and accessible for the students.

With San Beda- Manila, they also required us to revamp their old website; they want something convenient and fresh in the eyes. They asked our team for a mobile responsive website that has a clean and straight forward interface for all users. Also, we’ve updated their gallery, admission page, and mobile library that can be easily found on the home page; allowing the viewers to see everything they need in just a few clicks.

Largen Med is a Filipino pharmaceutical company. We worked on the lay outing and creating of marketing collaterals for them; including fliers, standees, and catalogs. We choose a color that will complement the tone of the brand and its logo; straight forward, professional, and receptive. 

 In today’s stressful world, Lino has brought their admiration of Filipino products and self-care together through manufacturing home-sewn textile essentials. Lino collaborated with us for their branding and social media templates. They want a brand that entails the beauty of simplicity, time, and tradition.

For the reason that there are so many salted egg snacks selling around, Sammie’s made theirs as the ultimate ‘golden egg potato chip’ you could ever taste. And as a result, people buy and make this snack as their go-to crave kit wherever they go in case of hunger. Plus, the packaging is pretty convenient and reusable!

HALIMAW is a brand you don’t want to mess around. It’s an athleisure clothing line for people with a true Filipino fighter heart and has an active lifestyle. Our designers used an ancient Filipino script called baybayin, with the bold and strong color palette of black and white, for a more native and modern style. This brand is coming out soon, so watch out!

This brand is all about promoting health and wellness to everyone. From boosting energy and nutrient to supporting treatment in a natural way- Prime Life Wellness is all about living a quality life. They entrust their branding, collaterals, website, and digital marketing strat to us. Consequently, we are on their 3rd campaign.

Piccopay is a new digital wallet which will also be out here in the Philippines soon. What we certainly liked about the app is the peer to peer safe and convenient transaction. Also, we worked on the UI/UX all-around with our favorite tech guys.

Creating an app is like riding a roller coaster with a bucket of popcorn on hand- scary, messy, but it’s fun!

JBSI is mainly an IT company with lines of businesses. We created JBSI’s branding, website, and other marketing materials. The company wanted to highlight their unorthodox culture on the logo. Through an animated logo, the tone, lines, and shapes fanfare their foundation, culture, and work process.

Presence in the digital world is crucial in today’s business. Vida Natura Technologies is a technology provider that probably challenged the whole team to come up with the idea that is innovative and at the same time has a touch of nature, but hey, we certainly did it!

Just as how perfect the combination of coffee and empanada is, our collaboration with Gina’s is like a tasty meryenda in the afternoon. It was a good idea that we tried their empanada. Its taste made us get the perfect idea for the brand: The delightful flashback of good old happy stories behind every bite of Gina’s empanada.

We absolutely love meeting clients. Apart from hearing new ideas, we also enjoy the food, the fresh location, and of course, the chitchats too! Above all, each of our clients has led us to where we are now and have equipped the team for more creative and digital marketing challenges. So, bring it on!

Seems like someone is  thinking of having a collaboration with us right now. Come and let’s have good chitchat!


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