Obra Digital Storytellers: Hello Digital World!

As business and technology age over years, digital media agencies are also evolving. Services start from branding strategies, animation, marketing collateral to e-commerce. In this article, you will get to know some characters and their skills in digital marketing, and how they can turn your business into a hit. But first, who is Obra Digital?

Obra Digital is a digital agency composed of creative individuals who share their skills and together create unique masterpiece and strategies for different types of businesses. One of their strategies is digital storytelling to create brand awareness. That’s why they call themselves as the digital storytellers. They believe that each brand has a story to tell, and that’s where they start brainstorming, then combine their skills to create valuable output for clients.

Let’s first meet Busy Bea. She takes the lead of everything, especially when it’s about client relations. Her mobile phone, tablet, and laptop are her armor to handle all the task she has to do. She also handles her team hand in hand to organize projects, leads, and of course to keep the team motivated every single day.

Next is Cool Christian. Every digital agency has their own digital strategist to handle and execute campaigns on different social media platforms, and we have the Christian in the house. He has adept skills in keyword search that can rank up websites, gather valuable analytics for social media activities and more. Since any business can’t function without social media today, someone like him can make everything possible for the growth of your business.

When we talk about digital art, our team has Luis Lapis. His art style can be corporate, elegant or striking depends on your campaign. He’s also excellent in animation, like explainer videos. Luis can top up your brand awareness through his unique animation and visual arts. His creativity speak on its own.

What’s a business without a strategy? We have Big Boy for that. He’s able to analyze what type of product, service, and e-commerce you have to include in your business. Big Boy will be able to keep your business far from being stagnant. Through excellent research skills, he can make all his analytic reports ahead of others- making business have its way to a faster sales and success.

We also have Love Hugh in the team. Hugh is one of the skillful artist who give our clients unique visuals, specifically for lay outing images and GIFs for their campaign. He has his own style of doing his artworks, from drafting to executing final output complimenting crafts from the whole team.

Both traditional and digital ad agencies or even small to big businesses need a writer. Last but not the least, our team have Sweet Laila. She can do both content writing and copywriting for website, blogs, and even for product description.

Each of them has their own way of telling a story and turn it into valuable content and strategies that can make a business have their own personality. Business these days is not all about selling your product, it’s about how you introduce the personality of your product to people.

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