Obra Digital: Watch Out For Our Buwan Ng Wika Specials

Our Obra team is preparing something for you guys, that is very timely with the video that has gone viral. This August, we are posting our *drum rolls* Buwan ng Wika weekly specials.

A video from Condè Nas Traveler of a Filipina as our country’s representative who had no idea how to count, make a toast, and even say goodbye in Tagalog went viral on social media. Well, we can’t blame her, maybe she was born and raised in the USA. It’s just that we were not able to properly showcase our very own Tagalog phrases up there- which most Filipinos could have been proud.

We want to be informative and at the same time humorous with our posts, which makes every content worth sharing and good enough for a throwback. Its a pure classic collection of Tagalog and Pinoy jargons that can instantly bring us back to the old times.

Expect some few puns, Pinoy chants, idioms, and even a Fliptop battle featuring our very own Filipino characters that will come out in memes every week. Our goal here is to bring back the fun and the Pinoy creativity by using our very own dialect. Maybe this can help our Filipina Momshie representative in the USA to get to know a few pure Tagalog chant and phrases.

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