Obra Digital: Web Design Trends for 2019

In the creative and business industry, a design help us to understand different worlds, while trend places us in time. Since last year, digital agencies around the world have been juicing out their creativity to come up with new and trendy web design, and be on top of the game. Check out some web design trends for 2019 by reading until the end. 

As 2019 comes in, either you are a designer or working with one, you have to stay in the loop of the latest graphic design trends, or else. No matter what medium your business is utilizing, understanding how styles and trends changes will keep your work fresh and fierce with clients.

To kickstart, here are the top 6 graphic design trends that will become huge this year:

3D and Design Typography

Three-dimensional works  are everywhere right now; because of its complexity and creative composition expressed by depths, designers find it more realistically creative for a website. 

Also, we’ve seen illustrations rendedred in 3D beyond typography that gives the impression of being still-lives. Want to be entertained? Come, enter this immersive website and prepare to be amazed: https://www.imabandi.to

Duotones and Gradients

Gradient design has been well-recognized for the past few years, and it crawls back into logo design more heavily this year. Duotone style is also becoming a hit, especially for a minimalist brand.

Modern Retro Touch

Retro is in in fashion and graphic design. It’s classy, yet modern style really holds up a character of a brand. This style translates to a bit of nostalgic whimsy design for themes such as tech and music that are easy to work with and easy for users to understand.

Asymmetrical Layouts

It’s all about the grid. Asymmetrical layouts break free from the rigid and predictable grid delivering more kinetic energy and movement to the design that requires a lot of attention from the users. The asymmetrical layout gives the user wonder about your business, creating the idea of curiosity as they scroll on your website.

Serif Font

The tailed and no tailed serif font connotes more straightforward, classy, and minimalist style for you brand; reason why most designers use this for a classy brand or client.

Futuristic Abstract/ Glitch

Given the name futuristic, means something awesome from the future. But who knows what’s in the future.; futuristic designs are inspired by the. The catch is the ability of your design to transcend human cognitive experience by using vibrant colors, patterns, and elements.

Got something in mind for you business now? Let us know, our team is excited to start with your future website.


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