Obra Digital Went Glamping: The Glamp Zambales

Obra Digital is an unorthodox family. Aside from spending the weekend with the beach waves in the local scene, together with Johnsons Berkshire Solutions, we went to The Glamp Zambales for a company outing.

So, what exactly is glamping? Glamping is where the stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts. It’s much more than a nice tent!

The Glamp Zambales opened their sanctuary last January 15 in San Felipe, Zambales, which is also known as a surf town. They have this beautiful front desk to welcome all the visitors coming in.

Everyone wants to lay down and take a picture with the wooden hammock!

They have different board games to borrow where you can show off your thinking skills. Aha!

Now going to the highlight, the air-conditioned tipi tents. Below are the size and prices available:

  • Small (2 to 3 persons) P5,000-P5,500
  • Medium (5-6 persons) P7,500-P8,500
  • Big (7-8 persons) P10,000-P12,000

Each package includes breakfast, bonfire set-up, s’mores kit, bottled water, parking space, heavenly massage, quality beddings, electric outlet, use of shared bathroom facilities, and air-conditioning.

Loving the little bubbles and pebbles!

Bonfire for everyone and a good Talasana by our Zen digital strategist!

Hmm, everyone’s getting serious.

Another thing that made our glamping complete is the dinner set up. We had different kinds of fresh seafood prepared on banana leaves, soy sauce on wooden bowls, and wooden crates for our table. We also loved the eco-friendly handwoven mats!

Having small and dirty comfort rooms will surely be everyone’s pet peeves. We’re so lucky that The Glamp has semi-private comfort rooms that have enough space to dry or freshen up before and after enjoying the beach. The shower rooms are complete with hanging mirrors, giant hangers, and toiletries rack.

Thanks, Drinks Be With You (DBWY) for the booze! The party will not be complete without you, guys.

The Glamp has a wide area where you and your family can do any group activities just like what we did before heading home. The area is big enough to hide or roll over if you want to.

Presenting the teams: (*drum roll, please!) Red, Green, Orange, and Black!

So yeah, this is our Obra Digital and Johnsons Berkshire Solutions Inc. family. We’re all excited for our next future adventure- exploring creativity, nature, and beauty of life.

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