Small Business: Why Do I Need An Explainer Video?

Guess what keeps its rank up, keeping it real and smart for brands to deliver their message to audience persuasively and dramatically? Explainer videos.

It’s not new that the internet has been offering us cool, creative, and easy-to-deal-with tools to use every day. One of these are explainer videos for business, making all business marketers go crazy with using strategies that are trending online. 

So, why explainer videos are so popular, and why is it important for startups?

Let’s start with the definition. Explainer videos are short, animated videos that explain a business idea in less than 90 seconds, where everything has to be interesting and straightforward.

In business, before you put the spotlight on your service or product, you need to introduce it well to your market. Let people know that you and your solution does existexplain and show to them that they should care, and lastly what’s your niche from your competitors?

Now, here are the real reasons why your small business needs explainer videos:

1. Catches everyone’s attention
With visually appealing elements and good storytelling, you can catch everyone’s attention in just a matter of seconds.

2. Small business means invisible to customers
If your brand name is not familiar to your audience, boy you’re going down. Just kidding! By showing off your brand’s name or just the company, we would probably want to have a quick chat with you.

3. Gives you better conversion rates
Successfully closing a deal today includes a video, especially when you put up one on your website. According to a Vidyard survey, 70% of marketers say that video provides better conversion rates than other content. Google confirms that what these marketers believe is true in the marketplace.

4. Moves you closer to your audience
Aside from sharing to your audience your social and ethical responsibilities, putting up an explainer video on your website and social media pages can strengthen your relationship with them. Customers tend to stick to brands they feel have the same sentiments with them.

5. Tells your story, your advocacy to give a solution.
Did you know that you can track by tracking video metrics, where you can meet and learn that there are people are looking forward? Plus, it allows you to test your idea, and know if you’re heading in the right direction.

Not too talented to write, direct, and illustrate your explainer video? This is what we came for! Send ‘Hi’ here.


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