Social Media 2018: The Year of Animation Videos

Last year have been about skyrocketing video numbers. Part of content in 2017 marketing trends are animation videos, and of course, never miss the boost of animation for social media. Explainer videos last year have been a bomb as it reaches is kick-ass in terms of increasing website visitors and clicks through rates. Just look at Google Doodles, they use cute animations that make the viewer want to click on them. Animation can help create a lifelike prototype of anyone’s vision and so videos are developed as promotional, educational, and entertainment video with diverse genres.

Here are few reasons why animations are able to pull its throne in the world of business and social media:

  • It keeps viewer’s attention, evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers.
  • Animation brings back memories.
  • Obviously, it’s fun and fits just about anything.
  • Cheap to produce.
  • Breaks down complicated information
  • Can make you viral with just 60 seconds of good video content.

No matter what you’re selling or whatever your company does, if you don’t have video marketing strategy for the biggest platforms, there will be no progress. There has been a competition going on between Facebook and YouTube right now. YouTube was huge and has been the video content library for years. But 18 months ago, Facebook as social media is also getting more daily minutes of view on YouTube.

Since most of the social media platforms can plug in content videos to different websites and target audience are social media users, animation videos are still the best approach for most businesses. It clearly shows positive prediction on how animation for business and animation for social media will still help a business hit the roof. According to Content Marketing Institute, 82% of B2C content marketers and 70% of B2B content marketers have been using animation for business. Businesses will still be looking forward to working with video production agencies with great technology and integrate new trends in creating worthwhile and cost-effective video content.

Like music and literature, animation videos can capture imagination and draw on personal feelings and explains technical terms and concept into layman’s term. Be the business that let it’s audience have a preview and feel of what your product or service is all about before it exists in front of them.

Going to the local masterpiece of animation videos in the Philippines, digital media agency’s capacity for communicating take the business to the next level.

Obra Digital is one of digital media agencies that have been reaching numbers of local and international companies worldwide, creating valuable content for specific audiences, delivering quality outputs and integrating business technology. Obra Digital specializes in producing high-quality explainer videos for business, help you cut the clutter, and will make you stand out in an ever-changing media landscape.

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