The Anatomy of Successful Websites

Companies that have great websites are the ones that know first impressions are important. Most likely, the first encounter of a consumer with the company would be their website. First of all, Tesla, Apple and Nestle are just some of the international companies that have invested in making an excellent online presence.

Consequently, every website will have a unique purpose but generally the site should present a professional image with an accurate representation of the company and branding efforts as well. Hence, every company needs an effective website in today’s marketplace. 

So, what makes up a great website?

Clear Purpose

Communicate the company’s brand, mission and vision clearly. Make it clear up front who you are and what you do.


Search Engine Optimization is really integral to the company’s website. Not being able to be found already defeats the purpose of the website.

Mobile friendly

Your website will be even more visited by different devices with screens of all sizes. Therefore, websites with responsive design are the way to go to maximize user friendliness for all site visitors.

Option to contact

It is important to be found online, and also allowing the visitors the option to contact you for inquiries even more is better. Getting contact details of visitors will allow you to build customer relationships in the long run.


Never under underestimate great design because this will either make or break the first impression of your business. Therefore, try to maximize good fonts, good use of space and a good colour palette.

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